About KWON


Founded in the year 1993 as a 100% daughter company of the KWON Central Office in Germany, Europes leading martial atrs supply company, KWON USA has built a strong reputation as the leading martial arts supplier in the Midwest, and as one of the main players nationwide.

In the recent years, the KWON USA company has added several more of the KWON group's brands into its US brand portfolio, such as the German premium quality Judo brand DANRHO, and the progressive German MMA brand FIGHTNATURE.

During its over 25 years of business in the US Market, the KWON USA company has obtained specific know how about the US market, and therefore has adopted its product ranges and strategies in order to specifically meet the demands and needs of the US martial arts supplies market, yet without sacrificing the core values of KWON Group, which are :

- focussing on over high quality products in all price ranges

- offering a strong and caring customers service

- sponsoring selected athletes, champions and federations to help grow the market


Today, the KWON USA operation is a reliable and consistent player if the US martial arts supplies field featuring a  powerful, competitive yet well balanced product range and shipping out of its modern storage and office facilities in its hometown Grand Rapids Michigan, conveniently located near Gerald R. Ford airport.


For questions or comments, please contact us at info@kwonusa.com.

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